Breaking Bad Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Hit Crime Drama?

Breaking Bad Quiz


First exploding onto our screens in 2008, Breaking Bad has grown to amass a huge fan base, and is the highest-rated fictional show on IMDb! But how well do you know the show?

To separate the ones that knock from the ones that end up in an acid bath, we’ve created a Breaking Bad quiz!

Let’s see how you do…

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Breaking Bad

How well do you know this incredible series?

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Which plant did Walt use to poison Brock?

2 / 11

What state does the vacuum man take Walt to, to start his new life?

3 / 11

What animal does Danny Trejo’s severed head wind up stuck on?

4 / 11

What is Mike’s surname?

5 / 11

Which of these does Hank not suggest W.W. could stand for?

6 / 11

Which henchman does Gus kill with a box cutter?

7 / 11

What company did Walt help start with Gretchen and Elliot?

8 / 11

What did Mike used to work as, before working for Gus?

9 / 11

What do Walt and Skyler call their daughter?

10 / 11

What street do the White family live on?

11 / 11

What’s Badger’s real name?

How did you do?

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