12 Must-Have Advent Calendars for Christmas 2023

This year, a whole host of advent calendars are available! Behind each window, you’ll find a toy or collectible you can keep for years to come. Here are the very best advent calendars for 2023…

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1) LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar

Celebrate Christmas with Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and more with this festive LEGO

Get it here: LEGO Marvel Advent Calendar, £23.99, Amazon

2) Back to the Future Playmobil

Back to the Future Playmobil advent calendar

Great Scott! Bring Hill Valley to life in your home this Christmas with this sensational advent calendar from Playmobil. As well as a bunch of awesome accessories, you get figures of Marty and Doc from 1955 and 1985, plus Biff Tannen and Jennifer! Not to mention the incredible Town Hall backdrop display.

Get it here: Playmobil Back to the Future Advent Calendar, £22.98, Amazon.

3) LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Bring the magic of Hogsmeade into your home with this awesome advent calendar from LEGO. Piece together little fireplaces, food displays and snow-covered trees! You even get Minifigures of the main characters.

Get it here: LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar, £21.99, Amazon.

4) Nightmare Before Christmas Mini Pop Vinyls

Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar

Bring this Tim Burton classic into your home this Christmas with this awesome advent calendar from Funko. The brilliant mini Pop Vinyls allow you to piece together a colourful collection of the film’s lovable characters!

Get it here: Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar, £51.99, Amazon.

5) LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

A mix of Minifigures and little droids and vehicles you can build (with instructions on the back of each window), this Star Wars calendar is the gift that keeps on giving throughout December!

Get it here: LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, £21.99, Amazon.

6) Funko Marvel Advent Calendar

Build a collection of 24 miniature Pop Vinyls with this awesome Marvel calendar from Funko! Perfect for any marvel fan, the figures include some classic super heroes and villains, including Thanos, ISpider-Man, Groot, Captain America and more!

Get it here: Funko Marvel Advent Calendar, £38.99, Amazon

7) Pokemon Advent Calendar

Catch ’em all with this awesome Holiday Calendar from Pokemon! Behind each window, you’ll find a miniature figure of a fan-favourite Pokemon; from Pikachu through to Jigglypuff!

Get it here: Pokemon Advent Calendar, £29.99, Amazon.

8) Funko Harry Potter Mini Pop Vinyls

Add to your collection of Pop Vinyls with this excellent advent calendar from Funko. Themed around the Hogwarts Yule Ball, this set contains 24 mini Pops; perfect for creating a festive display in your home.

Get it here: Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar, £39.99, Amazon.

9) 13 Day Spooky Countdown

13 Day Spooky Countdown

For the horror fans amongst us, Funko has spoilt us with this excellent 13-day calendar, filled with classic horror movie characters. It includes Freddy Krueger, Beetlejuice, Jack Torrance and Regan MacNeil.

Get it here: 13 Day Spooky Countdown, £46.99, Amazon.

10) Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Advent Calendar

To celebrate the much-anticipated release of the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Marvel has released this awesome advent calendar, where you can collect Quill, Drax, Groot, Rocket and the rest of the crew!

Get it here: Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar, £31.37, Amazon.

11) The Office

The Office Funko Advent Calendar

Love the US version of The Office? Then you need this Funko advent calendar in your life! Each day, release another favourite character.

Get it here: The Office Advent Calendar, £40.77, Amazon.

12) Electronic Games Advent Calendar

Each day, unpack a new component. Use the components to build and play fun electronic games!

Get it here: Electronic Games Advent Calendar, £25.00, MenKind.

There you have it – our guide to cool advent calendars in 2020. For gift guides for TV and film lovers, check out our Gift Ideas section.

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