The 14 Highest-Grossing Tom Hanks Movies (Adjusted For Inflation)

Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump

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One of the most treasured actors in Hollywood, Tom Hanks has been starring in hit after hit since catapulting to fame in the 80s with the likes of Bosom Buddies and Splash. Here are Tom Hank’s highest grossing movies, adjusted for inflation…   

14) Sleepless in Seattle

Hank stars opposite Meg Ryan in this 1993 rom-com-drama. In Sleepless in Seattle, Hanks plays Sam Baldwin – a widower whose son convinces him to try to find love again. 

Worldwide box office in 1993: $227,899,326

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $467,193,618.30

13) The Polar Express

Tom Hanks voices several parts in this festive favourite. The Polar Express is about a magical train that makes its way to the North Pole each year, and collects children on its way. 

Worldwide box office in 2004: $312,719,437

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $490,969,516.09

12) The Green Mile

Adapted from Stephen King’s novel of the same name, The Green Mile follows life on death row, and the happenings once a black man named John Coffey, who has mysterious supernatural powers, arrives on the mile. Hanks plays prison guard Paul Edgedcomb. 

Worldwide box office in 1999: $290,701,374

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $517,448,445.72

11) Catch Me if You Can

Tom Hanks plays Carl Hanratty – the FBI agent hunting down young conman Frank Abagnale (played by Leonardo Dicaprio) – in this 2002 comedy-drama. 

Worldwide box office in 2002: $355,612,291

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $586,760,280.15

10) Apollo 13

Based on the true events of 1970’s Apollo 13mission follows the failed 1970 lunar mission, in which an onboard explosion during a mission to visit the moon transforms the mission into a rescue mission. 

Worldwide box office in 1995: $335,802,271

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $651,456,405.74

9) Angels & Demons

This thrilling sequel continued the adaptation of Dan Brown’s bestselling Robert Langdon series, and saw Hanks race against time to save Vatican City from an anti-matter explosion. 

Worldwide box office in 2009: $490,875,846

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $677,408,667.48

8) Toy Story

In the 1995 animated classic that put Pixar on the map, Hanks voices sheriff doll Woody. When his owner, Andy, gets a new favourite toy (in the form of all-bells-and-whistles action figure Buzz Lightyear) a rivalry is sparked, and both toys end up in the clutches of toy-torturing neighbour Sid. 

Worldwide box office in 1995: $365,270,951

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $708,625,644.94

7) Cast Away 

A FedEx executive crash-lands on a desert island and must quickly adjust to living off the land. With nothing but a volleyball named Wilson for company, we follow his desperate struggle to survive – and escape.  

Worldwide box office in 2000: $427,230,516

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $734,836,487.52

Tom Hanks in Cast Away
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6) Saving Private Ryan

When several of a woman’s sons are killed in WWII, a special rescue mission (lead by Tom Hanks’ Captain Miller) is sent to pull her one remaining son, Private Ryan, out of action, with brutal consequences. 

Worldwide box office in 1998: $485,035,085

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $882,763,854.70

5) Toy Story 2

Hanks returned to voice Woody in this much-loved animated sequel. When Woody is stolen by collector Al, who is trying to complete and sell a set of rare Woody’s Round-Up merchandise, Buzz and the others must come to the rescue. 

Worldwide box office in 1999: $511,358,276

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $910,217,731.28

4) The Da Vinci Code

Based on Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, The Da Vinco Code saw Hanks play symbologist Robert Langdon for the first time, as he races to find the Holy Grail before a dangerous monk can locate it. 

Worldwide box office in 2006: $767,820,459

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $1,128,696,074.73

3) Toy Story 4

Hanks once again voiced Woody in this fourth outing for the gang. Now under the care of Bonnie, the toys travel cross-country and wind up at a fun fair where they’re reunited with Bo Peep. However, they come up against Gabby Gabby – the doll in charge of an antique store, who desperately wants an owner. 

Worldwide box office in 2019: $1,073,080,329

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $1,244,773,181.64

2) Forrest Gump 

Whilst sitting at a bus stop, Forrest Gump (played by Hanks) relays the story of his life. As it turns out, the young man was present at some of the most important moments throughout history. 

Worldwide box office in 1994: $679,838,260

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $1,359,676,520.00

1) Toy Story 3 

Andy’s toys find themselves donated to a day care center, which is run like a prison camp by the villainous teddy bear Lotso. They quickly hatch a daring plan to escape. 

Worldwide box office in 2010: $1,068,879,522

Adjusted for inflation in 2022: $1,453,676,149.92

There you have it – Tom Hank’s highest grossing movies throughout the years! 

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