The 12 Highest Grossing Brendan Fraser Movies (Adjusted for Inflation)

Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle


Brendan Fraser rocketed to fame in the 90s, starring in some of the decade’s biggest movies! After a quiet spell, this brilliant actor is back in the spotlight, and we couldn’t be happier! To celebrate, here are the 12 highest grossing Brendan Fraser movies…

12) The Quiet American

Brendan Fraser played aid worker Alden Pyle in this 2002 drama, set in Saigon during the First Indochina War. He starred alongside Michael Caine.

Worldwide box office in 2002: $26,348,203

Adjusted for inflation in 2023: $43,738,016.98

11) Blast from the Past

Fraser starred in this Rom Com opposite Alicia Silverstone, and played Adam – a boy who had been born in a nuclear bunker, which his paranoid father had locked his family inside since 1962. It’s only in 1999 that the bunker is opened, and Adam comes out into the world for the first time. 

Worldwide box office in 1999: $26,613,620

Adjusted for inflation in 2023: $47,904,516.00

10) Furry Vengeance 

In this family comedy, Fraser played Dan Sanders – a real estate developer who is overseeing a project where a forest is being cut down to make way for new buildings. However, a gang of animals launches a revolt. 

Worldwide box office in 2010: $39,340,177

Adjusted for inflation in 2023: $53,896,042.49

9) Encino Man (California Man)

Fraser stars as Link – a caveman who gets frozen in the ice, only to be dug up by two unpopular high school students in the early 1990s. They tahw him out and introduce him to modern life. 

Worldwide box office in 1992: $40,057,130

Adjusted for inflation in 2023: $85,321,686.90

8) Looney Tunes: Back in Action

In this live action / animation crossover, Fraser played DJ Drake, whose movie star father (who is secretly a spy) is kidnapped – urging the Looney Tunes to spring into action to help save him. 

Worldwide box office in 2003: $54,540,662

Adjusted for inflation in 2023: $88,901,279.06

7) Inkheart 

Fraser stars as Mo – a man who can bring book characters to life. After he accidentally frees the evil capricorn, his daughter and her aunt must help him trap it again. 

Worldwide box office in 2009: $66,655,938

Adjusted for inflation in 2023: $92,651,753.82

George of the Jungle - Highest Grossing Brendan Fraser movies

6) Bedazzled

Elliot Richards (played by Fraser) is romantically hopeless, and so gives his soul to the devil (Elizabeth Hurley) in exchange for seven wishes, in order to try to snare the girl of his dreams. But he quickly learns that you must be careful what you wish for. 

Worldwide box office in 2000: $90,376,224

Adjusted for inflation in 2023: $157,254,629.76

5) George Of The Jungle

In this Disney parody of Tarzan, a plane crash leaves a baby stranded in the jungle, only to be rescued and raised by a gorilla. George, played by Fraser, is later discovered by a travelling American woman who brings him home to San Francisco. 

Worldwide box office in 1997: $174,463,257

Adjusted for inflation in 2023: $324,501,658.02

4) Journey to the Center of the Earth

An adaptation of the classic adventure novel by Jules Verne, Fraser stars as a scientist looking for his mising brother in the mountains. However, he and his party stumble upon a lost world filled with prehistoric animals. 

Worldwide box office in 2008: $243,180,937

Adjusted for inflation in 2023: $338,021,502.43

3) The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Brendan Fraser returned as Rick O’Connell in the third and final installment of The Mummy franchise. Whilst visiting China with an ancient relic that can resurrect the dead, O’Connell accidentally wakes The Dragon Emporer (Jet Li) – a war lord mummified for centuries. 

Worldwide box office in 2008: $405,760,225

Adjusted for inflation in 2023: $564,006,712.75

2) The Mummy Returns

In this sequel to the 1999 blockbuster, Fraser returns as Rick O’Connell, who is now married to Evelyn, and the couple have a son. Imhotep is shipped to a museum in London, where he is resurrected once again and unleashes chaos on the city. 

Worldwide box office in 2001:  $435,040,395

Adjusted for inflation in 2023: $735,218,267.55

1) The Mummy

In this smash hit action adventure, Fraser stars as Rick O’Connell – an American adventurer – who, along with an excavation team, unwittingly unleashes Imhotep – an evil mummy sought on bringing the Ten Plagues back to Egypt and resurrecting his lover.  

Worldwide box office in 1999: $416,385,488

Adjusted for inflation in 2023: $749,493,878.40

There you have it – the 12 highest grossing Brendan Fraser movies, adjusted for inflation.

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