Geek Gifts For Under £20

Looking for that perfect gift for a TV, film, or video game nerd, but shopping on a budget? We’ve got you. We’ve looked through Amazon to bring you the coolest geeky gift ideas for under £20…

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1) Deadpool Cable Guy

Deadpool Cable Guy - 50 Awesome gift ideas

No more letting your phone flop around on a bed whilst you’re juicing it up; the Merc with a Mouth is hunched over and ready to hold your phone whilst it charges!

Get it here: Deadpool Cable Guy, £19.99, Amazon.

2) Chewbacca Mug

Chewbacca coffee mug

Ever wanted to drink from the torso of a wookiee? Of course you have. Well, now you and your friends can, with this awesome detailed mug, where Chewie’s arm is the handle!

Get it here: Chewbacca Coffee Mug, £15.46, Amazon.

3) Cobra Kai Johnny Funko POP

Cobra Kai Johnny Lawrence Funko POP

Cobra Kai never dies! Bring your new favourite sensei into your home with this excellent Pop Vinyl figure of Johnny Lawrence! Perfect for sticking on your shelf or desk to remind you daily of this kick-ass series.

Get it here: Johnny Lawrence Cobra Kai Pop Vinyl, £18.92, Amazon.

4) Pac-Man Game Over T-Shirt

Show off your love of Pac-Man everywhere you go with this awesome Game Over t-shirt, which is set out like a tic tac toe grid! Available in sizes small through to extra extra large.

Get it here: Pac-Man T-Shirt, £14.99, Amazon

5) Mr Meeseeks Mug

Mr Meeseeks Rick and Morty Mug

I’m Mr Meeseeks, look at me! Your friend or loved one can enjoy those warm drinks from this awesome Rick and Morty mug, depicting a fan favourite creature; lovable singular-purpose Mr Meeseeks!

Get it here: Mr Meeseeks Mug, £9.98, Amazon.

6) Los Pollos Hermanos Apron

Breaking Bad Los Pollos Hermanos Apron

Let’s cook! Any fan of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul will love slipping into this awesome apron every time they’re cooking up a messy meal, or barbecuing for friends.

Get it here: Los Pollos Hermanos Apron, £17.96, Amazon.

7) Stormtrooper Decanter

Star Wars Stormtrooper Decanter is perfect for pouring whisky

Pouring whiskey out of the bottle it came in is okay, but wouldn’t it be much cooler pouring it out of this awesome Star Wars themed decanter? It will look perfect on the drinks trolley or the alcohol shelf!

Get it here: Storm Trooper Decanter, £18.23, Amazon.

8) Blockbuster game

Blockbuster game - 50 Awesome Gift Ideas

Perfect for any movie lover, this Blockbuster-branded party game lets you test your movie knowledge by reeling off films of a certain category in round one. And in round two, you have to describe, quote, and act out films for your team to guess.

Get it here: The Blockbuster Game, £17.00, Amazon.

9) Gizmo Mug

Gizmo mug - 50 Awesome Gift Ideas

Upgrade your current tea or coffee cup to something altogether more wholesome by welcoming this cute Gizmo mug into your home. When you pour water into it, lots of little mugs shoot out. Not really.

Get it here: Gizmo Mug, £15.57, Amazon.

10) 80s Movies Scratch-Off Poster

80s movies scratch-off poster

The ultimate gift for an 80s film fan, this poster acts as a list of 80s films to see before you die. Scratch off all the films you’ve already seen, and chip away at the ones you haven’t to become a certified 80s-movie-aficionado.

Get it here: 100 80s Movies Scratch-Off-Poster, £14.99, Amazon.

11) Rick and Morty Hip Flask

Rick and Morty Wubba Lubba Dub Dub hip flask

Next up on our list of 50 awesome gift ideas is this Wubba Lubba Dub Dub hip flask. Transport your favourite spirit in style! It’s the perfect size for a pocket or a handbag.

Get it here: Rick and Morty Hip Flask, £12.99, Amazon.

12) Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding Kittens Card Game - 50 Awesome gift ideas

Take it in turns drawing cards from a deck, and at all costs avoid exploding in this fun and zany card game! Exploding Kittens is family-friendly, so it’s perfect for a bit of Christmas fun!

Get it here: Exploding Kittens Card Game, £19.99, Amazon.