16 Incredible Marvel Gift Ideas for Superhero Fans

Everybody knows someone who is obsessed with Marvel! No matter who their favourite superhero is, we have put together these incredible Marvel gift ideas so you can get them the perfect present this season!

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1) Deadpool Cable Guy

Deadpool cable guy

No more letting your phone flop around on a bed whilst you’re juicing it up; the Merc with a Mouth is hunched over and ready to hold your phone whilst it charges!

Get it here: Deadpool Cable Guy, £17.99, Zavvi.

2) Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener

Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener

Quickly and effortlessly snap open bottle after bottle with this handy – and highly decorated – Infinity Gauntlet bottle opener! You’ll be the Thanos of the party, making those bottle caps fizzle away.

Get it here: Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Opener, £5.99

3) X-Men Sweatshirt

X-Men Classic Sweatshirt

Available in a variety of sizes, this classic 90s X-Men sweatshirt is the perfect way to show off your love for Charles Xavier’s mutant heroes!

Get it here: X-Men Classic Sweatshirt, £36.99, Amazon

4) Hulk Fist Mug

Hulk fist mug - Marvel gift ideas

Perfect for slurping coffee from and dunking cookies into, this bulky Hulk Fist Mug is an excellent gift for any fan of the Strongest Avenger.

Get it here: Hulk Fist Mug, £25.99, Amazon

5) LEGO Iron Man Helmet

LEGO Iron Man Helmet

Relax and unwind whilst piecing together this Iron Man helmet with this fabulous set from LEGO, then display it on your shelf, bookcase or desk as a lasting tribute to Tony Stark! This is one of our favourite Marvel gift ideas.

Get it here: LEGO Iron Man Helmet, £149.00, Amazon

6) Mobius Funko Pop

Mobius Funko Pop from Loki - Marvel gift ideas

One of the characters that stole the show on Disney+’s Loki was Owen Wilson’s jet-ski-loving Mobius. Invite him into your home with this awesome likeness from Funko!

Get it here: Mobius Funko Pop, Amazon, £15.99

7) Avengers Monopoly

Avengers Monopoly - Marvel gift ideas

Assemble a team of mighty heroes in this Marvel-ous twist on the Monopoly franchise! Buy characters instead of properties, and build bases and headquarters instead of houses and hotels.

Get it here: Avengers Monopoly, £52.99, Amazon

8) LEGO Black Panther

LEGO Black Panther

Have the Black Panther permanently on display in your home with this incredible, detailed build. At 2,961 pieces, it should keep you busy for a while!

Get it here: Black Panther LEGO, £274.98, Amazon

9) Marvel Socks Gift Set

Marvel Socks Gift Set

This fab set of 5 Marvel themed socks depicts everything from the famous logo through to Iron Man’s Helmet, Thor’s Hammer, Captain America’s shield and Hulk’s fist!

Get it here: Marvel Socks, £14.99, Amazon

10) Avengers Playing Cards

Marvel Avengers Playing Cards

Whether you’re playing Poker, Sevens, Blackjack, or another favourite, play in style with this amazing premium-quality deck of Avengers playing cards!

Get it here: Avengers Playing Cards, £18.95, Amazon

11) Spider-Man Sweatshirt

The Amazing Spider-Man Sweatshirt

Any Spider-Man fan will love this comfortable sweatshirt, which sees a vintage comic book-styled web-slinger crawling towards us! It comes in a range of sizes.

Get it here: Spider-Man Sweatshirt, £29.99, Zavvi

12) Ghost Rider Vintage Action Figure

Ghost Rider Vintage Kenner Action Figure with Motorcycle

Here at Geek Soup, we are absolutely obsessed with these awesome vintage-styled action figures! This Ghost Rider, complete with motorcycle, is perfect for displaying anywhere around the house.

Get it here: Ghost Rider Vintage Action Figure, £26.99, Zavvi

13) Captain Marvel and Nick Fury LEGO Polybag

Captain Marvel, and Nick Fury LEGO Set

Reunite Captain Marvel with Nick Fury, build a scne from the movie, and score two awesome minifigures all with one little LEGO polybag!

Get it here: Captain Marvel and Nick Fury LEGO Polybag, £11.99

14) LEGO Sanctum Santorum

LEGO Sanctum Santorum from Doctor Strange

Love Doctor Strange? Piece together this detailed LEGO Sanctum Sanctorum. It has a staggering 2,708 pieces and comes with mini figures of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Wong!

Get it here: LEGO Sanctum Santorum, £157.99, Amazon

15) Baby Groot Cable Guy

Baby Groot Cable Guy

The perfect holder for a phone or games controller, this Baby Groot Cable Guy is the perfect little solution for keeping your surfaces tidy!

Get it here: Baby Groot Cable Guy, £25.00, MenKind

16) Daredevil Sweatshirt

Daredevil vs Kingpin Marvel Sweatshirt

If your giftee is a fan of Daredevil, then they’ll love seeing this comfy red sweatshirt, which sees the hero facing off against Kingpin. It comes in a range of sizes!

Get it here: Daredevil Sweatshirt, £29.99, Zavvi

17) Spider-Man Desk Lamp

Spider-Man Desk Lamp

Just about the coolest desk lamp or bedside table reading light we’ve ever seen, this light depicts Spider-Man clinging onto a lamp post! Twist the fire hydrant to adjust the brightness of the light. It plugs into any USB socket.

Get it here: Spider-Man Desk Lamp, £39.99, Amazon.

That concludes our guide of Marvel gift ideas! For more TV and film gift guides, head over to our Gift Ideas section.

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