Cool Geek Gifts For Under £50

1) Rick and Morty Cluedo

Rick and Morty Cluedo

The world’s favourite dysfunctional dimension-hoppers Rick and Morty have hijacked the classic board game Cluedo. Instead of solving a murder, you have to work out who stole the plans to Rick’s gun, and what they used to steal it with!

Get it here: Ricky and Morty Cluedo, £28.87, Amazon.

2) Back to the Future Playmobil

Back to the Future Playmobil DeLorean Set - 50 Awesome Gift Ideas

Great Scott! This fantastic Back to the Future Playmobil set features Marty, Doc Brown, Einstein and the iconic Delorean! Waste no time sticking this on display for your friends and family to see.

Get yours here: Back to the Future Playmobil, £31.99, Amazon.

3) LEGO Marvel Groot

If the person you’re buying for loves Baby Groot, then they’ll love this 476-piece set from LEGO! It even comes with a LEGO Awesome Mix cassette tape.

Get it here: LEGO Baby Groot, £38.98, Amazon.

4) Pokemon Construction Toy

Piece together everybody’s favourite yellow Pokemon with this awesome construction toy! Similar in design to a LEGO brickhead, it’s fun to build, and will look brilliant on display with the rest of your Pokemon collection!

Get it here: Pokemon Construction Kit, £39.99, Amazon.