22 Spooky Gift Ideas For Horror Fans

We all know a horror fan. We’ve compiled this ultimate horror gift guide for when Christmas, birthdays or other celebrations roll around!

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1) Jason Vorhees 8-Bit Funko Pop

8-Bit Jason Vorhees 8-Bit Funko Pop Vinyl

A horror icon, Jason Vorhees has been wreaking terror on Camp Crystal Lake since Friday the 13th was first released back in 1980. You can bring this hockey-mask-wearing, machete-wielding badass into your home with this retro-styled 8-bit pop vinyl!

Get it here: 8-Bit Jason Vorhees Pop Vinyl, £21.99, Amazon.

2) IT Balloon Lamp

IT Red Balloon Lamp

Make sure Pennywise is always close at hand with this creepy floating balloon lamp! Sit it on a desk, bedside table, or shelf, and illuminate the space with an eerie red glow!

Get it here: IT Balloon Lamp, £34.83, Amazon.

3) 13 Day Spooky Countdown

Funko Mini Pop Vinyl Horror Countdown

Funko has spoilt all horror fans with this excellent 13-day countdown calendar, filled with classic horror movie characters. Use it to count down to anything – Halloween, a birthday, Christmas. It includes Freddy Krueger, Beetlejuice, Jack Torrance and Regan MacNeil.

Get it here: 13 Day Spooky Countdown, £29.49, Amazon.

4) Jason Vorhees Mug

Your friend or loved one can drink from the head of their favourite hockey-mask-wearing serial killer thanks to this awesome Jason Vorhees mug.

Get it here: Jason Vorhees Mug, £16.00, Menkind.

5) Good Guys Chucky Doll

Good Guys Doll - Chucky from Child's Play

Freak out your friends with this realistic doll of everyone’s favourite serial-killer toy, Chucky. It stands 15 inches tall and says 4 different phrases from the film!

Get it here: Good Guys Chucky Doll, £84.90, Amazon

6) Horror Movie Scratch Poster

Scratch Off Horror Movie Poster

Show off how many horror movies you’ve seen – and make sure you haven’t missed any must-sees – with this handy scratch-off poster. If you’re ever stuck for something to watch, simply consult the poster!

Get it here: Horror Movie Scratch Poster, £12.59, Amazon.

7) Bride of Chucky LoungeFly Zip-Around Wallet

Show off your love for Chucky and his Bride with this colourful, high-quality zip-around wallet from Loungefly – perfect for stashing away cards, notes, coins and more!

Get it here: Bride of Chucky Loungefly Zip-Around Wallet, £39.99, Truffle Shuffle

8) Zombie Blood Shower Gel

Zombie Blood Shower Gel

Keep yourself scrubbed up and smelling great throughout the apocalypse with this Shower Blood Shower Gel! Hang the bag up in the shower and let the bright green fluid ooze out into your hand!

Get it here: Zombie Blood Shower Gel, £8.99, Amazon

9) John Carpenter’s Halloween T-Shirt

Hitting screens in 1978, John Carpenter’s Halloween is one of the most classic, widely-loved and most suspenseful slashers of all time; spawning countless sequels. Wear the original movie’s poster with pride with this awesome shirt that comes in all sizes!

Get it here: Halloween T-Shirt, £19.99, Truffle Shuffle.

10) Overlook Hotel Door Mat

Greet your guests into your very own haunted hotel with this awesome homage to The Shining. Framed with the famous hexagonal print from the Overlook’s iconic carpet, it’s the perfect entrance to any horror fan’s home.

Get it here: Overlook Hotel Door Mat, £19.90, Amazon.

11) Handbook for the Recently Deceased Notebook

Beetlejuice Handbook for the Recently Deceased Notebook

Any Beetlejuice fan will instantly recognise the cover of this handy notebook. The Handbook for the Recently Deceased gets given to you upon your demise! Perfect for doodling and scribbling.

Get it here: Handbook for the Recently Deceased Notebook, £13.99, Amazon.

12) The Nun ‘Knitted’ Figure

The Nun from the Conjuring - Handmade by Robots knitted figure

Whether you know her from The Conjuring 2 or her solo movie, The Nun is one of the most terrifying horror characters of recent hers. Invite her into your home with this ‘knitted-effect’ figurine from Handmade by Robots.

Get it here: The Nun Knitted Figure, £17.99, Zavvi.

13) Stupid Deaths Game

Stupid Deaths Game

The perfect game to play with some morbid-minded buddies! In Stupid Deaths, players advance around a board by correctly guessing whether or not elaborate historic deaths are true or false. But beware – the Grim Reaper is also advancing around the board, and if he lands on you, it’s game over.

Get it here: Stupid Deaths Game, £18.87, Amazon

14) The Exorcist Fleece

Get nice and toasty for your next horror movie marathon by wrapping yourself up in this huge 200x150cm fleece, which depicts the legendary Exorcist movie poster!

Get it here: The Exorcist Fleece, £29.99, Zavvi

15) IT Pennywise Funko Pop

IT Pennywise Funko Pop Vinyl

For fans of the 1990s Tim Curry-era IT, here’s a colourful little Pop Vinyl of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Once he’s on display on your shelf or desk, rest assured you’ll float too!

Get it here: IT Pop Vinyl, £22.99, Amazon.

16) Freak of Horror Colouring Book

Freak of Horror Colouring Book

Crack out the Crayolas and unwind with a relaxing colouring session! This Freak of Horror colouring book is full of all your favourite horror characters; from Hannibal Lecter and Chucky through to Freddy Krueger and Pennywise!

Get it here: Freaks of Horror Colouring Book, £5.90, Amazon.

17) Terminator T-800 Head

Terminator Skull with Light Up Eyes

Invite Arnie’s unstoppable killing machine into your home with this extremely detailed T-800 head will look incredible on display in any room throughout the home. The eyes light up red; giving the head a real menacing presence!

Get it here: T-800 Head, £51.02, Amazon.

18) A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Hoodie

Love Freddy? Show it to the world by sporting this awesome A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors hoodie! It has front pouches and comes in a range of sizes.

Get it here: A Nightmare of Elm Street 3 Hoodie, £34.99, Zavvi.

19) Gizmo Mug

Gizmo Gremlins Mug

Upgrade your current tea or coffee cup to something altogether more wholesome by welcoming this cute Gizmo mug into your home. When you pour water into it, lots of little mugs shoot out. Not really.

Get it here: Gizmo Mug, £25.99, Amazon.

20) Summerisle Wicker Man T-Shirt

Who can forget The Wicker Man, and Christopher Lee’s terrifying performance as Lord Summerisle? Pay homage to this classic cult horror with this shirt, which comes in a range of sizes.

Get it here: Summerisle Wicker Man T-Shirt, £19.99, Truffle Shuffle

21) Classic 1930’s Horror Coasters

Gift ideas for horror fans - classic horror coasters

This 4-pack of coasters features colourful posters from four classic 1930’s horror movies: Dracula, The Mummy, The Bride of Frankenstein, and The Invisible Man. Perfect for a fan of retro horror!

Get it here: Classic 1930’s Horror Coasters, £14.95, Amazon.

22) Stephen King’s IT Monopoly

IT Stephen King Monopoly Set

Lose yourself in Pennywise’s dark world in this board game inspired by Stephen King’s classic clown horror IT. Buy locations from around Derry, and chance your luck by picking up ‘Encounters’ and ‘Phenomena’ cards.

Get it here: Stephen King’s IT Monopoly, £34.95, Amazon

That concludes our run-down of gruesome gift ideas for horror fans. For more TV and film gift guides, check out our Gift Ideas section.

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