15 Gaming Gift Ideas For The Gamer In Your Life

Gamer Gift Ideas

Looking for an awesome present for a gamer? We’ve put together this guide of awesome gaming gift ideas…

1) Deadpool Cable Guy

No more letting your phone flop around on a bed whilst you’re juicing it up; the Merc with a Mouth is hunched over and ready to hold your phone whilst it charges!

Get it here: Deadpool Cable Guy, £21.99, Amazon.

2) Call of Duty Epic Light-Up Six Pack

Brighten up the gaming room with this awesome light-up COD decoration. These perk bottles will light up a shelf or gaming desk!

Get it here: Call of Duty Epic Light-Up Six Pack, £30.00, Amazon

3) 100 Games Bucket List Scratch-off Poster

If the person you’re buying for considers themselves to be an avid gamer, put them to the test with this awesome scratch-off poster. It has 100 classic games they can scratch off once they’ve played!

Get it here: 100 Games Bucket List Scratch-off Poster, £12.99, Amazon

4) Chocolate Game Controllers

Chocolate Game Controllers

The perfect snack for any game lover, this double pack of chocolate game controllers makes for an amazing gift,

Get it here: Chocolate Game Controllers, £10.00, Amazon

5) TV Backlighting LED Strip Lights

TV Backlighting LED Strip Lights

Give your gamer the gift of ultimate back-glow around their gaming screen with this great LED Strip Light kit! It’s easy to install, and the lights can change between 16 different colours. There’s even a remote to choose the perfect setting!

Get it here: LED Strip Lights, £12.99, Amazon

6) I Paused My Game To Be Here T-Shirt

7) Playstation Store Voucher

Playstation Store Voucher

Get ready for the launch of the PS5 with a Playstation Store Voucher! Use it to pay towards your Playstation Plus subscription, or to download games and add-ons straight from the Store!

Get it here: Playstation Store Voucher, £10-£100, Amazon.

8) Retro Gaming Mug with Sweets

If you’re buying for a gamer who loves their vintage consoles, then this is the perfect gift! The mug has classic consoles wrapped around its sides, and it’s stuffed full of retro sweets.

Get it here: Retro Gaming Mug with Sweets, £15,50, Amazon

9) NES Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition - 50 Awesome Gift Ideas

Relive all those treasured childhood memories with this compact little system from Nintendo! There are 30 games pre-loaded onto the machine including Super Mario Bros., Mega Man 2, Pacman and Gradius! Play them all in HD. You can even set 4 save points for each game, so you don’t have to start from the beginning each time like in the old days.

Get it here: NES Classic Edition, £199.99, Amazon.

10) Old School Gamer T Shirt

Depicting a NES, this shirt is the perfect gift for any old school Nintendo fan! It has an awesome distressed look, and comes in a range of different sizes.

Get it here: Old School Gamer T-Shirt, £14.99, Amazon

11) Pacman Mini Arcade Machine

Pacman Mini Arcade Machine

A classic video game, Pacman has provided hours of fun for the whole family since 1980. This fabulous miniature arcade machine not only looks incredible on display, but it’s also totally playable and gives that nostalgic retro experience!

Get it here: Pacman Mini Arcade Machine, £27.35, Amazon.

12) Rearrangeable Tetris Light

Rearrangeable Tetris light - 50 Awesome gift ideas

Add a bit of colour into your bedroom or lounge with this awesome Tetris light! You can rearrange the blocks however you like; the power transfers through the metal casing, and lights up each block.

Get it here: Tetris light, £44.98, Amazon.

13) Crash Bandicoot Funko Pop

Perfect for brightening up a bedroom or gaming desk, this Crash Bandicoot Funko Pop is the perfect way to show off somebody’s love for this adventurous little marsupial.

Get it here: Crash Bandicoot Funko Pop, £12.99, Amazon

14) Sega Mega Drive Mini

Sega Megas Drive 40 Games in One Console - 50 Awesome gift ideas

Loaded with 40 classic games, including Sonic the Hedgehog, allow this incredible Sega Mega Drive Mini to take you back to those awesome childhood memories! It’s one of our favourite gift ideas from this list.

Get yours here: SEGA Mega Drive Mini, £135.98, Amazon.

15) Ezio Assassin’s Creed Cable Guy

If your buddy loves Assassin’s Creed, why not treat them to this Ezio Cable Guy? It’s the perfect holder for controllers and mobile phones!

Get it here: Assassin’s Creed Cable Guy, £24.59, Amazon

There you have it – our guide of gift ideas for gamers!

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