17 Star Wars Gift Ideas The Force Is Strong With

We all know somebody who is obsessed with that galaxy far far away! We’ve searched Amazon to bring you the very coolest Star Wars gift ideas. These are the gifts you are looking for…

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1) Chewbacca Mug

Chewbacca coffee mug

Ever wanted to drink from the torso of a wookiee? Of course you have. Well, now you and your friends can, with this awesome detailed mug, where Chewie’s arm is the handle!

Get it here: Chewbacca Coffee Mug, £8.49, Amazon.

2) LEGO Stormtrooper Helmet

LEGO Stormtrooper helmet

Build the ultimate display piece with this stunning Stormtrooper helmet from LEGO! With 647 pieces, it promises to be a fun build, and then it’ll look incredible pride of place amongst your collection.

Get it here: LEGO Stormtrooper Helmet, £54.97, Amazon.

3) Jedi Bath Robe

Jedi bath robe

Transform yourself into a Jedi master when you’re lounging around the house with this awesome unisex bath robe! It’s soft, warm and comfortable.

Get it here: Jedi Bath Robe, £27.91, Amazon.

4) Storm Trooper Decanter

Storm Trooper Decanter

Pouring whiskey out of the bottle it came in is okay, but wouldn’t it be much cooler pouring it out of this awesome Star Wars themed decanter? It will look perfect on the drinks trolley or the alcohol shelf!

Get it here: Storm Trooper Decanter, £18.98, Amazon.

5) LEGO Art – The Sith

LEGO Art - The Sith

An extremely relaxing and theraputic way of passing a few hours, this awesome LEGO Art set lets you create a mosaic piece of artwork. You can choose to create either Darth Vader, Darth Maul, or Kylo Ren!

Get it here: Lego Art The Sith, £95.99, Amazon.

6) Star Wars Christmas Jumper

Star Wars Christmas Jumper

What better way of spreading some festive cheer than with this awesome colourful Death-Star-take-down Christmas jumper, depicting an X-wing shooting up some TIE Fighters?

Get it here: Star Wars Christmas Jumper, £36.99, Amazon.

7) Star Wars Monopoly

Star Wars Monopoly

No list of Star Wars gift ideas would be complete without a Monopoly set! Dominate the galaxy and build your own empire by owning all the properties on the board and parting your friends with their cash.

Get it here: Star Wars Monopoly, £20.99, Amazon.

8) LEGO Millennium Falcon

Star Wars LEGO Millennium Falcon

Stay busy for a few hours with this awesome LEGO build from the Star Wars universe! Piece together Han Solo’s famous ship, and then stick it on display for your friends and family to admire.

Get it here: LEGO Millennium Falcon, £209.99, Amazon.

9) LEGO Baby Yoda

LEGO Baby Yoda the Madalorian

The Mandalorian became one of the world’s biggest TV shows overnight, and the cute little sidekick, named The Child (or Baby Yoda to some), has become just about the most treasured and sought after creature on Earth. Now, thanks to LEGO, you can build your very own Baby Yoda.

Get it here: LEGO The Child / Baby Yoda, £69.99, Amazon.

10) Cards Against Star Wars

Cards against Star Wars game

Definitely not for kids, this unofficial Star Wars-themed card game rewards you for stringing together the most hilarious – and often most dark and disturbing- sentences that you can!

Get it here: Cards Against Star Wars, Amazon, £25.99

11) The Star Wars Book

The Star Wars Book

Even the most hardened Star Wars fan will learn an endless amount from this bestselling hardback! Delve into all the characters, weapons, vehicles and battles!

Get it here: The Star Wars Book, £11.72, Amazon.

12) Where’s the Wookiee? Gift Set

Where's the Wookie Book - Star Wars Gift Ideas

You found Wally as a kid, now you’ve graduated to the big league, and it’s time to find everybody’s favourite wookiee! This awesome gift set contains all three editions of Where’s the Wookiee? plus a poster and two press-out models that you have to make.

Get it here: Where’s the Wookiee Gift Set, £11.65, Amazon.

13) I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This

Star Wars I've Got A Bad Feeling About This Card Game

Outwit and outlast your opponents with this card game with a dark side! Take turns drawing cards, avoid ‘no’ cards to stay in the game, and screw over your friends by being strategic with the cards you lay.

Get it here: I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This, £12.42, Amazon.

14) LEGO Poe Dameron’s X-Wing

LEGO Poe Dameron's X-wing - Star Wars Gift Ideas

Piece together Poe Dameron’s colourful X-wing with this fabulous LEGO set! It’s perfect for putting on display, and comes with a host of mini figures including Poe and R2-D2. Save 36% in this Prime Day deal!

Get it here: LEGO Poe Dameron’s X-Wing, £92.45, Amazon

15) Star Wars Gift Ideas: Trivia

Star Wars trivia: 140 Question cards

Put your Star Wars knowledge to the test, and see who knows more out of you and your friends with this Star Wars Trivia set, with 140 questions – including some about The Mandalorian!

Get it here: Star Wars Trivia, £15.99, Amazon.

16) The Skywalker Saga – Blu-Ray, DVD or 4K

Star Wars complete Skywalker Saga

With the 9 movies in the Skywalker Saga, along with 26 hours of bonus material across 18 discs, this set is the ultimate own for any Star Wars fan. Choose from Blu-Ray, DVD and 4K options.

Get it here: The Skywalker Saga, £55.00, Amazon.

There you have it – our guide of Star Wars gift ideas! For more present ideas for friends who love film and TV, head over to our Gift Ideas Section.

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