15 Fun Games To Play in Lockdown

Want to pass the time with your household or your bubble? Why not break out the board games? If you’re in need of a few new ones to play, here are 15 fun games to play in lockdown that you can buy from Amazon right now…

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1) Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding Kittens - Games to play in Lockdown

Take it in turns drawing cards from a deck, and at all costs avoid exploding in this fun and zany card game! Exploding Kittens is family-friendly, so it’s perfect for a bit of lockdown fun!

Get it here: Exploding Kittens Card Game, £19.99, Amazon.

2) Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents

Bob Ross Happy Little Accidents board game

In this creative game, players doodle lines or squiggles on pieces of paper, and then place them face down. Then, you’re given a word to draw. You take one of the pieces of paper from earlier, and have to adapt the line or squiggle into the word you’re drawing. Players vote on their favourite drawing/adaptation in each round.

Get it here: Bob Ross Happy Little Accidents, £22.66, Amazon

3) Harry Potter Dobble

Harry Potter Dobble - Games to play in lockdown -

Easy to play and fast-paced, Dobble is one of the most fun and addictive card games we’ve played in a long time, and this Harry Potter-themed deck is extra magical!

Get it here: Harry Potter Dobble, £13.51, Amazon.

4) Rick and Morty Cluedo

Rick and Morty Cluedo

The world’s favourite dysfunctional dimension-hoppers, Rick and Morty, have hijacked the classic board game Cluedo. Instead of solving a murder, you have to work out who stole the plans to Rick’s gun, and what they used to steal it with!

Get it here: Ricky and Morty Cluedo, £21.09, Amazon.

5) P is for Pizza

In this game, you have to collect 9 cards by being the first to shout out a word in a given category, beginning with a given letter. For example, if the category is ‘Drink’ and it’s the letter is ‘M,’ shout ‘milk’ and the card is yours!

Get it here: P is for Pizza, £12.99, Amazon

6) Star Wars Monopoly

Star Wars Monopoly - Games to play in lockdown -

No list of fun games to play in lockdown would be complete without a Monopoly set! Dominate the galaxy and build your own empire by owning all the properties on the board and parting your friends with their cash.

Get it here: Star Wars Monopoly, £20.99, Amazon.

7) Throw Throw Burrito

Games to play in lockdown - Throw Throw Burrito

The only card game in existence where you get to lob a squidgy burrito at other players in order to win points from them, Throw throw Burrito is enormous fun for the whole family!

Get yours here: Throw Throw Burrito, £24.99, Amazon.

8) Blockbusters game

Blockbuster movie games - games to play in lockdown

Perfect for any movie lover, this Blockbuster-branded party game lets you test your movie knowledge by reeling off films of a certain category in round one. And in round two, you have to describe, quote, and act out films for your team to guess.

Get it here: The Blockbuster Game, £19.49, Amazon.

9) Total Rickall card game

Work out who’s real and who’s a parasite in this awesome card game adaptation of the memorable episode Total Rickall. Start off with the standard mode, and then once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can up the anty to the advanced mode!

Get it here: Total Rickall Card Game, £30.11, Amazon.

10) Obama Llama

Obama Llama 2 - games to play in lockdown

In this fun and addictive rhyming game, you have to find rhymes against the clock, as well as describing rhymes to the other players without using the words themselves. How would you describe ‘Quentin Tarantino is reading a Beano’ without using any of those words?

Get it here: Obama Llama 2, £21.99, Amazon

11) I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This

Star Wars I've Got A Bad Feeling About This Card Game

Outwit and outlast your opponents with this card game with a dark side! Take turns drawing cards, avoid ‘no’ cards to stay in the game, and screw over your friends by being strategic with the cards you lay.

Get it here: I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This, £12.42, Amazon.

12) Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Who’s the biggest Harry Potter expert in the room? There’s only one way to find out! Put your knowledge of the Wizarding World to the test in this Harry Potter edition of Trivial Pursuit.

Get it here: Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, £10.00, Amazon

13) James Bond Top Trumps

Top Trumps 007 - Games to play in lockdown

Make your favourite allies and villains go head to head in this 007-themed version of the classic card game. Battle it out in categories like power and influence, brute force, and treachery, and see who comes out on top!

Get it here: James Bond Top Trumps, £5.25, Amazon

14) Cards Against Star Wars

Cards Against Star Wars

Definitely not for kids, this unofficial Star Wars-themed card game rewards you for stringing together the most hilarious – and often most dark and disturbing- sentences that you can!

Get it here: Cards Against Star Wars, Amazon, £25.99

15) Harry Potter Hedbanz

Harry Potter Hedbanz - games to play in lockdown

The ultimate party guessing game, players take it in turns guessing which Harry Potter character is on their own head by asking yes and no questions. Each time a player guesses correctly, they get a chocolate frog token, and the first player to get 5 tokens wins.

Get it here: Harry Potter Hedbanz, £17.40, Amazon

That’s the end of our list of fun card games and board games to play with your household or bubble this Lockdown!

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