Amazing Geeky Stocking Fillers

Looking for some cool little stocking fillers that aren’t going to break the bank? We’ve pulled together a bunch of geeky gifts, from a range of different movie and TV series, which we’re sure your friend or loved one would love to find in their stocking on Christmas morning…

1) Breaking Bad Colouring Book

There’s nothing more relaxing than doing a bit of colouring in with a pack of Crayolas. This 80-page Breaking Bad colouring page has dozens of memorable scenes from the series to colour in, with lots of dot-to-dots, trivia and anecdotes thrown in!

Get it here: Breaking Bad Colouring Book, £6.73, Amazon

2) The Mandalorian Power Bank

Carry the Mandalorian with you, thanks to this handy portable power bank – perfect for giving your phone or other device some extra juice if the battery gets low on the go!

Get it here: Mandalorian Power Bank, £12.99, Amazon

3) 50 Assorted Pokemon Cards

Transport your friend or loved one back to the 90s with a random assortment of 50 Pokemon cards. What will they get? No one knows!

Get it here: 50 Assorted Pokemon Cards, £6.99, Amazon

4) Pizza Hut Rehydrated Pizza Prop

One of the most memorable moments in BTTF Part II comes when Marty’s future family gathers around the dinner table and Jennifer rehydrates a pizza. This awesome prop is true to screen and belongs in any collector’s arsenal!

Get it here: Pizza Hut Rehydrated Pizza Prop, £9.99, Amazon

5) Infinity Gauntlet Mug

If your friend or loved one is a Marvel fan, then they’d surely love to sip their morning tea or coffee from this Infinity Gauntlet mug! It has a shimmering metallic finish, and the Infinity Stones are already in place – no need to search the universe.

Get it here: Infinity Gauntlet Mug, £12.00, Menkind

6) Never Ending Story Planter Gnomes

Relive the most horrifying movie scene of your childhood daily with this amazing pair of planter gnomes! They depict Atreyu pulling at the reins of his beloved horse, Artax, as he sinks into a swamp.

Get it here: Never Ending Story Planter Gnomes, £12.99, Truffle Shuffle

7) Gizmo Slipper Socks

These one-size-fits-all slipper socks depicting everyone’s favourite Mogwai, Gizmo, are the perfect gift for any Gremlins fan.

Get it here: Gizmo Slipper Socks, £11.99, Truffle Shuffle

There you have it – some amazing geeky stocking fillers!

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