Back to the Future Part III Quiz: Test Your BTTF Knowledge

Back to the Future Part III hit cinemas in 1990, capping off the much-loved time travel trilogy. If you love this movie, and you want to put your knowledge of the film to the test, then try our Back to the Future Part III quiz…

Back to the Future Part III

Back to the Future Part III

How well do you know this 1990 classic?

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When Biff is shooting at him in the saloon, what dance move does Marty break into?

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What are the names of Clara and Emmit’s children?

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What company made the pie pan that Marty throws at Biff?

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What was Doc Brown working as in 1885?

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In Doc’s letter to Marty, how many months had he been living in 1885?

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What is the name of Seamus McFly’s wife?

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What colours were the presto logs that Doc used to speed up the train?

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How much money does Doc Brown owe Biff after his horse threw off a shoe?

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After Marty travels back to 1985, what has the name of the ravine changed to?

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Which animal spooked Clara Clayton’s horses?

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Where was Clara Clayton’s train heading?

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What gun model did the Colt salesman give to Marty?

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