13 Deadpool Gift Ideas For Any Fan of the Merc with a Mouth

Deadpool gift ideas

Chopping his way through enemies and quipping every second of the way, Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool has become a favourite with Marvel fans. Here are some awesome Deadpool gift ideas…

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1) Deadpool Funko Pop

Deadpool Funko Pop Vinyl

Perfect for displaying your love of Deadpool, stick this Funko Pop on a shelf, desk, or bookcase, and let him lounge in comfort whilst staring you in the eyes.

Get it here: Deadpool Funko Pop, £13.99, Amazon

2) Deadpool Twin NERF Guns

Have the ultimate shoot-out with your buddy with these Deadpool-branded twin NERF guns, which shoot red balls instead of traditional NERF bullets.

Get it here: Deadpool Twin NERF Guns, £62.99, Amazon

3) Deadpool Wireless Charging Dock

Deadpool wireless charging dock

If you have a phone that charges wirelessly, then this cool little gadget is the perfect addition to your home. Sit your device on this Deadpool Wireless Charging Dock, and relax whilst the battery fills up.

Get it here: Deadpool Wireless Charging Dock, £27.07, Amazon

4) Deadpool Dressing Gown

Deadpool dressing gown

Game or watch Marvel films in total comfort with this cosy fleece Deadpool dressing down, styled after the Merc’s awesome costume. There are even a pair of Samurai swords stitched into the back!

Get it here: Deadpool Dressing Gown, £30.00, Amazon

5) Deadpool Cable Guy

Deadpool Cable Guy - 50 Awesome gift ideas

No more letting your phone flop around on a bed whilst you’re juicing it up; the Merc with a Mouth is hunched over and ready to hold your phone whilst it charges!

Get it here: Deadpool Cable Guy, £24.95, Amazon.

6) Deadpool Mug

We are huge fans of all of the torso-and-arm mugs from the guys at Exquisite Gaming, and this Deadpool edition is no different! Sip the hot beverage of your choice from this ripped body!

Get it here: Deadpool Mug, £9.99, Amazon

7) Deadpool’s Interactive Head

With over 600 pieces of dialogue and special effects, this interactive Deadpool head is perfect for amusing you and your friends for hours on end! Full of motors and sensors, its eyes and mouth move, and interacts with you picking it up or turning it upside down!

Get it here: Interactive Deadpool Head, £81.98, Amazon

8) Deadpool as Bob Ross Funko Pop

Combining two of our biggest loves – master of happy little trees Bob Ross, and motor-mouthed mercenary Deadpool, this Funko Pop is the thing dreams are made of!

Get it here: Deadpool as Bob Ross Funko Pop, £18.28, Amazon

9) Deadpool Beanie Hat

Keep your head nice and toasty throughout the year with this cosy beanie hat, which has the Deadpool emblem stitched into it.

Get it here: Deadpool Beanie Hat, £9.99, Amazon

10) NanoBlocks Construction Kit

This totally non-official micro-block construction kit bears a similarity to the merc with a mouth, and will give an hour or so of fun build time with its 280 micro pieces!

Get it here: NanoBlocks Construction Kit, £11.99, Amazon

11) Deadpool Playing Cards

Whether you’re a dab hand at poker, blackjack or rummy, inject a little bit of katana-wielding mercenary into your game with these amazingly illustrated Deadpool playing cards.

Get it here: Deadpool Playing Cards, £14.99, Amazon

12) Mr Deadpool Mug

Pour your coffee, tea or hot chocolate into this awesome Deadpool-ified take on Roger Hargreaves’ famous Mr Men series! With katana and guns on show, this little cartoon merc is ready for hot liquidy action!

Get it here: Mr Deadpool Mug, £9.99, Amazon

13) Zombie Deadpool Funko Pop

We’ve seen Deadpool as Deadpool, we’ve seen Deadpool as Bob Ross, now we give you… Deadpool as a zombie!

Get it here: Zombie Deadpool Funko Pop, £11.99, Amazon

There you have it – our run-down of Deadpool gift ideas!

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