15 Rick and Morty Gift Ideas For Your Schwiftiest Friends

Looking for gift ideas for a someone that loves Rick and Morty? We’ve trawled through Amazon to bring you the ultimate gift guide. Whether your budget is schwifty or squanchy, you’ll find the perfect gift…

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1) Rick and Morty Cluedo

Rick and Morty Cluedo

The world’s favourite dysfunctional dimension-hoppers Rick and Morty have hijacked the classic board game Cluedo. Instead of solving a murder, you have to work out who stole the plans to Rick’s gun, and what they used to steal it with!

Get it here: Ricky and Morty Cluedo, £21.09, Amazon.

2) King of S#!+ Pop Vinyl with Sound

King of S*** Rick and Morty Funko POP

Inspired by the episode The Old Man and his Seat, this figurine of Rick sitting on his throne is the ultimate addition to any Pop Vinyl fan’s collection. And best of all, it comes with sound! Hit the button, and you’re treated to pooping and flushing noises.

Get it here: Rick and Morty King of S#!+ Pop Vinyl, £19.99, Amazon.

3) Mr Meeseeks Travel Mug

Mr Meeseeks Travel Mug - Rick and Morty Gift Ideas

I’m Mr Meeseeks, look at me! Keep those hot drinks warm for longer with this awesome Rick and Morty travel mug, depicting a fan favourite creature; lovable singular-purpose Mr Meeseeks!

Get it here: Mr Meeseeks Travel Mug, £12.99, Amazon.

4) Garage and Spaceship Construction Set

Rick and Morty Garage and Spaceship Construction Set

There’s nothing more enjoyable than piecing together a construction set; particularly when it’ll look great on display! This detailed 293-piece set contains Rick’s garage, ship, and minifigures and Rick and Morty!

Get it here: Garage and Spaceship Construction Set, £26.02, Amazon.

5) Rick and Morty 2021 Calendar

Rick and Morty 2021 Calendar

Brighten up those wall spaces with some Rick and Morty artwork with this awesome 2021 Rick and Morty Calendar; perfect for keeping track of the probably-still-socially-distanced events in the year ahead!

Get it here: Rick and Morty Calendar, £9.99, Amazon.

6) Pickle Rick Pop Vinyl

Pickle Rick Funko POP

One of the most memorable episodes from the series has to be where Rick transforms himself into a pickle to avoid family therapy, rolls into the sewer, and ends up having to massacre countless rats. This pop vinyl really captures the Pickle Rick magic!

Get it here: Pickle Rick Pop Vinyl, £15.23, Amazon.

7) Rick and Morty Monopoly

Rick and Morty Monopoly

Fall out with your friends and family in style with this cool Rick and Morty edition of Monopoly! Buy your way around the multi-verse and make your buddies go bankrupt. One of our favourite Rick and Morty gift ideas.

Get it here: Rick and Morty Monopoly, £32.99, Amazon.

8) Rick and Morty Hip Flask

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Hip Flask

Transport your favourite spirit in style with this awesome hip flask, with Rick’s catchphrase on it! It’s the perfect size for a pocket or a handbag.

Get it here: Rick and Morty Hip Flask, £10.99, Amazon.

9) Rick and Morty Top Trumps

Rick and Morty Top Trumps

Quick and easy to learn, this Top Trumps game is a great way of re-visiting all your favourite Rick and Morty characters. Win all your opponent’s cards by reading out a category where your character scores better than theirs!

Get it here: Rick and Morty Top Trumps, £3.99, Amazon.

10) Evolution T-Shirt

Evolution T-Shirt - Rick and Morty gift ideas

A brilliant t-shirt for any fan of the show, this evolution-styled design features the outlines of fan-favourites Snowball, Mr Poopy Butthole, Morty, Summer and Rick! Choose from a bunch of different sizes.

Get it here: Evolution T-Shirt, £8.95, Amazon.

11) Rick and Morty Playing Cards

Rick and Morty Playing Cards

Play endless games with your friends – or by yourself – with this Rick and Morty Playing Cards deck, from Waddingtons who have been making playing cards since 1922.

Get it here: Rick and Morty Playing Cards, £3.99, Amazon.

12) Pickle Rick Onesie

Pickle Rick Onesie - Rick and Morty gift ideas

Get nice and snug whatever the weather with this Pickle Rick themed onesie. This unisex piece is perfect for when you’re watching some Netflix, or just lounging around the house. Choose from multiple sizes.

Get it here: Pickle Rick Onesie, £29.99, Amazon.

13) Total Rickall card game

Total Rickall Card Game

Work out who’s real and who’s a parasite in this awesome card game adaptation of the memorable episode Total Rickall. Start off with the standard mode, and then once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can up the anty to the advanced mode!

Get it here: Total Rickall Card Game, £30.11, Amazon.

14) Mr Poopy Butthole

Mr Poopy Butthole Funko POP

Hooo-eeee! His memorable appearance (and unfortunate shooting) in Total Rickall made Mr Poopy Butthole an instant fan favourite! Add him to your collection with this neat Pop from Funko.

Get it here: Mr Poopy Butthole Pop Vinyl, £10.75, Amazon.

15) Rick and Morty Gift Ideas: Trivial Pursuit

Rick and Morty Trivial Pursuit

Think you know Rick and Morty, huh? Put your knowledge to the test with this ultimate trivia quiz from Trivial Pursuit. Test yourself against your friends, and see who’s shwifty and who’s sqwanchy.

Get it here: Rick and Morty Trivial Pursuit, £12.99, Amazon

There you have it – 15 Rick and Morty gift ideas! For hundreds more gift ideas for fans of TV and film, check out of Gift Ideas section.

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