Morbius: Trailer, Tom Hardy and More


Jared Leto stars as Morbius in this next entry into Sony’s Spider-Man universe, which kicked off in 2018 with Tom Hardy’s Venom! Here’s everything we know about this vampire comic book flick…

Who is Morbius?

Whilst Venom is an iconic Marvel anti-hero, and already made an appearance in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 before the Tom Hardy movie dropped, Morbius is a little less known, particularly to cinema-goers, but has a very dedicated fan base in the comic book world!

Dr Michael Morbius was a celebrated biochemist who, in an attempt to cure his rare blood diseased, gave himself superhuman abilities, and a vampiric thirst for blood! Whilst initially appearing as a villain to Spider-Man back in 1971, the character went on to have his own titles, and eventually became a violent gothic vigilante!


Sink your teeth into this juicy teaser trailer, which was released by Sony in January 2020…

Release date

Initially pushed back by the pandemic, Morbius is now due to be released on January 21st 2022 in the US. We’ll keep this up to date if anything changes.

Is Morbius good or bad?

Similar to most anti-heroes, Morbius falls somewhere in between good and evil. As a vampire vigilante, he mostly feeds on criminals – similar to Eddy Brock’s arrangement with his parasite in Venom.

Jared Leto walks past Spider-Man graffiti in Morbius

Who is the villain?

It’s hard to say at this point who the main antagonist will be, but there are two FBI agents who are hunting Morbius in the film – Alberto Rodriguez (Al Madrigal) and Simon Stroud (Tyrese Gibson).

Matt Smith is playing the main character’s best friend Loxias Crown, aka Hunger, who in the comics was turned by Morbius. He definitely has the potential to turn into a major villain.

Why is Michael Keaton in the film?

In the trailer, we see Michael Keaton, seemingly portraying Adrian Toomes, aka The Vulture – the villain he played in the MCU’s Spider-Man: Homecoming! However, it’s safe to say The Vulture won’t be the main antagonist in the film, and it’s likely just a brief role.

Is Tom Hardy in Morbius?

Venom is definitely set in the same universe as Morbius, so it wouldn’t be at all unlikely for Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock to have a cameo in the film. Whilst we’ve seen no evidence of it so far, it’s inevitable that the two characters will meet in future movies.

That’s everything we know about the film so far! Follow all the latest news on upcoming films here: Upcoming Movies.

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